Thursday, 13 November 2014

Office 365's Clutter

After a little back-and-forth on twitter with @ActionRocket I thought I'd put together a little summary of my thoughts on Office 365's new feature being rolled out.

"De-clutter your inbox in Office 365"

Outlook 365 ("three-sixty-five") might be trying to get a seat at the table occupied by Inbox by Google and Mailbox with what they're calling "Clutter".

It seems like Clutter won't be enough to get an invite to the table, in my opinion.

Below is a reply in the comments from the author of the post, senior product marketing manager, Brian Shier which I think really sums up what's going on, emphasis added by moi:

Clutter is not intended to be your long term storage location as the messages that are sent to Clutter are items you typically ignore. We don’t have plans to create Clutter sub-folders. If you like our inbox organized in a range of folders rules will continue to be your best solution.
That tells me that they're just creating another Junk folder. There's no organisation of the contents of the Clutter folder - no no grouping, no reminders, just a filter that wants to define email as clutter or not. I wonder if they've considered that some people will just let it pile up without looking at it. Rather than reviewing those emails deemed clutter they're left there, unread, unopened, piling up.

They seem to have missed the concept adopted by Inbox and pioneered by Mailbox - setting reminders for emails, so that they aren't forgotten but can be responded to appropriately at the right time. Clutter is just trying to sweep things under the rug, expecting you to want to clean that rug regularly.

So, what does this mean for email marketers, designers, and developers? What's going to happen to all those wonderful transactional emails? Time will tell.

/thoughts. For now.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Get excited friends! Marvel's next set of productions have been announced and they are exciting! Just look at those logos! We've got Civil War AND Infinity War!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Wolfenstein: The New Order (first thoughts)

I was kind of excited about this game a while ago when I first hear they were making it. It’s an alternate history fiction where the Nazi’s win the second world war. The game starts in 1946, the war is still raging (and the Nazi’s have giant technological war machines!) but the main character is taken out of action for 14 years only to reawaken in Poland in 1960. The Nazi’s rule the world. They beat the Americans to the atomic bomb, which won them the war. The titular character, Captain William J. “BJ” Blazkowicz, is a hardened US soldier. He awakens to a world that isn’t right, and he means to fix that.

One thing this game introduces to the franchise is a female character who becomes a love interest for our Nazi-killing avatar. At this point in time I’m not sure how I feel about the inclusion of a love interest, but I will say that I think they’ve written it in rather well. She’s not just some damsel-in-distress that sets the story in motion (a la Max Payne) but through a montage of the 14 year gap between 1946 and 1960, they build a connection between the characters, she cared for and nursed him when he couldn’t take care of himself.

These are my initial thoughts. I’ve not blogged for a long while now. Just thought I’d put this out there.

Friday, 4 January 2013


This year I am taking on a Bible reading plan. I’ll be going through the Bible chronologically. Already 5 days in and something you might be interested in reading, if you didn’t already know, is that Job takes place early in Genesis!

Ideally the purpose of this is to get me to read the whole Bible this year, as I’ve not done that before. Among all the various year-long plans, I thought that this chronological reading would be the most interesting. While my plan is to actually read it I have found that Crossway, the producers of the ESV have an Audio version of the Chronological Bible plan available as an RSS/Podcast. I wonder if it would work best if I listen and read along? I can only try it.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Learning to read*

*I do know how to read, I just don’t currently have a very good habit of reading books.

I’ve been meaning to change this for a long while and I thought that signing on to Goodreads would be a good place to find encouragement. It has, a bit - I still need to put the effort in to putting down the laptop and picking up a book though. I’ll get there yet.

Lots of christian books, a few good fictions (A Song of Ice and Fire series, The Hunger Games) are on my to-read list at the moment.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

God Complex

Link: God Complex


Client: Do you animate bible stories?

Me: We don’t currently, but we can animate anything you like. What do you have in mind?

Client: Well how much is it to animate the bible?

Me: Well it depends on what stories from the bible you want. The duration of the animation, how many characters,…